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Conference 2016

UDT is the most comprehensive and interactive conference in its field. Held 1 - 3 June 2016 in Oslo, Norway, it is designed to bring together delegates, senior naval officials and R&D Departments to discuss current and future operational needs and move forward their undersea defence and security strategies. In particular, this year's discussions will focus on the overall conference theme.

By attending the UDT conference, you will be in the company of international thought leaders from industry, academia and key military figures representing the undersea defence and security community, including those from emerging markets.

2016 UDT Conference overall theme: ‘Balancing Capability through Balanced Investment’

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The full conference programme will be available soon. Please see the leading speakers and sessions already confirmed for the conference:

  • Towed Array Shape Estimation - Experimental Results with the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK DTA-50
    Dr Florian Schulz, Scientist, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH
  • Local Industry Participation
    Christian Mueller, Dipl.-Ing., Siemens AG, Marine
  • SUPREME - Submarine Performance and Requirement Evaluation Method
    Wendy van den Broek-de Bruijn, Naval Architect, Defence Materiel Organisation
  • Essential Collaboration between Combat System and Platform System to meet Warship Capability
    Thierry Oblin, Combat System Manager, DCNS Australia
  • IDAS - Changing the Rules of ASW
    Eberhard Möller, Head of Product Management, Diehl BGT Defence GmbH&Co. KG
  • Global Solutions for Underwater Weapon Systems: The Famile Concept of SeaHake mod4 Heavweight Torpedo
    Andreas Dohrn, Product Manager, Naval Weapons Division ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH
  • Modular Development of Li-ion Batteries for Torpedoes
    Agnès Debourg, R&D Manager, DCNS BU ASM
  • Assessing the Performance of Kinematical Track Features for Classification of Sonar Targets in ASW
    Dr Dan Henrik S Stender, Scientist, FFI
  • An Optimal Multi-Criterion Association Algorithm for Active Sonar Trackers
    Stéphane Jespers, UWW department head, DGA Toulon
  • Adaptive Beamforming – High precision methods for target detection
    Gunnar Zindel, System Engineer, Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik GmbH
  • Fast Beamforming Using Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform for Arbitrary Array Underwater 3-D Imaging
    Dr Peng Wang, Assistant Researcher, Institute of Acoustics
  • Target-Depth Estimation in Active Sonar
    Alexis Mours, Phd Student/ Research Engineer, Thales Underwater Systems
  • Foul Release Coating –Submarine’s Hull Application
    Captain Cannarozzo Maurizo, IT Navy Captain, Marina Militare Italiana
  • Artificial boundaries to truncate Finite Element fluid meshes in sound radiation problems
    Dr Robert Harter, Theoretical Acoustics Engineer, Thales UK
  • Perspectives of metamaterials for acoustic performances of submerged platforms and systems
    Dr Christian Audoly, Head of Acoustics Group, DCNS Research
  • System Simplification and Rationalisation for a Cheaper, Smaller Submarine
    Stewart Downie, Naval Architect, Babcock International
  • Maritime Offboard and Unmanned assets Managing Multi-Domain Unmanned Campaigns
    Mike Eldred, Naval Ships Combat Systems, Head of Programme - Mine Warfare, Unmanned Systems and Small Ships
  • Seabed assessment for autonomous minehunting operations
    Dr Stefania Giodini, Scientist Autonomous Systems, TNO
  • Through-the-sensor performance evaluation for modern mine hunting operations
    Marc Geilhufe, Scientist, FFI
  • A Truly Multi-Role Military AUV
    Per Espen Hagen, Senior Principal Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime
  • Naval Mine Warfare and the effective operational use of AUVs
    Russell Norman, Technical Director, Solutions from Silicon
  • An introduction to Open Systems Arcitecture and COTS
    Magne Mandt, Principal Scientist, Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt
  • Developing a Generic IP Core Library for Embedded FPGA Sonar Systems
    Melike ATAY KARABALKAN, Embedded Software Specialist, Koç Information and Defense Technologies Inc
  • Software Product Alignment
    James Tranter, Software Architect, Thales UK Ltd
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries for Submarines
    Alexander Janke, Project Manager R&D, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
  • Adaptability of Electrical Platform Management Systems (EPMS)
    Dipl. Ing. Dieter Scholz, Senior Sales Manager, Siemens AG, Marine 
    Dipl. Ing. Michael Moersch, Product Manager Support, Siemens AG, Marine AG
  • Hydrodynamic Free Manoeuvring Models: Can’t that all be done with simulation now?
    Philip Marchant, Naval Architect, QinetiQ
  • Early Design Stage Underwater Explosion Analysis Based on a Navy Vessel Product Model
    Henri Lotvonen, Structural Dynamics Specialist, Surma Ltd

Future Systems Requirements and their Strategic Context Platform Design and Integration Autonomous Vehicles (sub-surface/surface) Energy, Power and Propulsion Command, Control and Navigation Systems Safety and Availability Sensors and Processing  Signature Management Network Centric Operation and Communications Performance Modeling  Operations, Training and Lifetime Support Weapon and Payload Systems

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  • The networking events are considered by many to be a highlight of UDT. The first two evenings of UDT bring together the whole community in informal settings to network and catch up with friends and colleagues.