2022 Post-Show Report

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Due to the pandemic, the last edition of UDT was in 2019. However, we were pleased to see the undersea defence community reunite once again under one roof in 2022. Not only did we have great engagement but the show attracted an audience from across 38 countries.

Whether or not you were able to attend the show, we are pleased to share the key findings which will be used to shape future events.

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The post-show report contains core information about UDT 2019 including:

  • Attendance figures
  • Audience profiles
  • Industry demographics
  • Survey results
  • Testimonials

Download a copy of the full report via the button below.


View the show highlights from 2022

Survey findings

Strong military engagement

UDT returned to Rotterdam for the first time since 2015. A core reason behind the event's geographical rotation is to engage with military and government officials in different regions.  Being home to the largest port in Europe and the location of the Netherlands Marine Corps’ Marine Education Centre, reflected in an impressive 25% increase in military and VIP attendance at the show.


More people, more value

Our ongoing focus is to add value for exhibitors and visitors alike by delivering high-quality content. This approach allowed us to attract a wealth of influential delegates to attend the event this year, and resulted in an abundance of networking interactions with exhibitors. 90% of exhibitors said that UDT is an important annual event for their business.



See you in 2023

Our efforts are now focused on creating a bigger and better show at UDT 2023. Our primary objective is to strengthen our industry engagement to ensure all key stakeholders are represented at the event. We are counting on your support.