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The DisTec Undersea Challenge invites innovators and progressive organisations to showcase their solutions which can positively impact the future of undersea defence.

This must be a product launched within the last 18 months or a concept currently in development.

Our expert judging panel will evaluate entries in a competitive 'digital' environment, based around the innovation assessment criteria below. Judges will grade each domain out of 10, yielding a total score of up to 30 points.

High-scoring entries will proceed to the Grand Final on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

Register for the Grand Final

Register for the Grand Final

The entry deadline for Undersea DisTec Challenge has now passed, however late submissions may still be accepted. If you wish to enquire for more information, please contact us.

Assessment criteria

1) Desirability

Does the customer want it; do you have evidence of end-user buy-in? 

How is it linked to known challenges in defence or security domains?

What impact will it have on performance?

Do benefits significantly outweigh associated costs?

2) Feasibility 

Is it technically, scientifically and practically achievable?

Is it scalable?

Is it novel and unique within the defence and security arena?

Does your team possess relevant expertise and experience?

3) Viability

Can it reach the market in a realistic timeframe, factoring in testing, accreditation and trialling requirements?

Has it been designed in a sustainable way?

Can it be integrated with existing systems?

Does it have dual-use capability to meet needs of multiple market segments? 

Judging Panel

Details of the independent judging panel will be published shortly.
About the Challenge

About the Challenge

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People's Choice Award


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