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Latest developments in energy systems

15 Dec 2021
Seminar Theatre 2
Platform Design
For SSKs energy storage is crucial; since the time being completely submerged – thus not having the need to snorkel – is essential to keep the operational advance of being stealthy. Air independent propulsion (AIP) systems today are state of the art while most submarine builders do not have mature systems operational; almost all are working on fuel cell systems. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems having supplied most AIP submarines that are operational based on fuel cells (FC) has developed a fourth generation of fuel cells. Compared to previous systems the new system features latest FC technology, thus improving operational availability, cost and independence of suppliers. T In addition, batteries are the traditional energy storage for SSKs. Having used lead-acid batteries for over 100 years, a technology change is under way. Lithium Ion batteries offer higher capacity, more power, faster charging and a longer lifetime. The paper will show the special requirements of the submarine application and the technical solutions, which are now ready for use on board of submarines.
Holger Isbrecht, VP Sales - thyssenkrupp Marine Systems
Peter Hauschildt, Head of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability - thyssenkrupp Marine Systems


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