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Military Diver Capabilities

About the conference

UDT 2018 saw the launch of the Military Diver Capabilities conference as a discussion platform for those engaged in diver operations, training, equipment research and development.

Commanders, divers, project managers and technicians from across the world had the opportunity to see the latest developments in diver equipment, systems and national capabilities. Commanders and operators shared their capabilities, requirements and ambitions, while leading industry suppliers were invited to demonstrate how their latest offerings could help advance diver capability.

The 2nd edition of MDC built upon on the successful format from 2018, focusing on:

  • Special Forces & Combat Diving
  • EOD & Clearance Diving
  • Undersea Engineering & Salvage
  • Civil Security Diving (new for 2019)
MDC conference

2019 Conference themes

Topics to be explored include advanced combat diver navigation and autonomy, undersea communications, portable sonar systems for EOD and salvage, as well as augmented reality HUD’s for zero visibility dives.

In addition to the display of new technologies, the conference will also provide a forum for inter-service and international diver units to meet and discuss the challenges of operating in the most inhospitable of environments, in the pursuit of greater technical and operational interoperability.

Military Diver Capabilities returns to UDT 2019 in Stockholm on the 14th May and we hope that all those who may benefit from contributing to these discussions might consider joining us for this unique opportunity.

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Exhibition opening times:

Tue 12 May
Weds 13 May 
Thurs 14 May

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Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

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