ITEC 2019

Military Diver Capabilities Conference


MDC LogoIn its 31st year, UDT is launching the Military Diver Capabilities conference as a platform for discussion to those engaged in diving operations, training, equipment development and research in this most challenging aspect of undersea operations.  

We will be welcoming military professionals from around the world as well as those from industry, research and academic experts. Technology is a focus for this conference, but technology is not the whole story; solutions are driven by need and the conference will provide operators with an opportunity to share their experiences and challenges. Industry leaders will be on hand to demonstrate how their new solutions can meet some of these challenges, and share how others are solving common problems faced by those working undersea.


The conference theme is:

‘Delving deeper: exploring the evolving role and equipment of military diver elements’

and will explore 3 primary domains:

  1. Special Forces & Combat Diving

    • National perspectives
    • Developments in communication and navigation technology
    • Autonomous systems and combat diving
  2.     Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Clearance Diving

    • EOD low signature diver equipment and tactics
    • The portable sonar revolution 
    • Current and future trends in undersea EOD specialist training & operations
  3. Undersea Engineering & Salvage Diving

    • To the depths – deep-sea diver survivability
    • ROV applications for undersea engineering and diver assistance & alleviation
    • Commercial diving innovation and applications to military diving
27 Jun 2018
  1. Conventional diver communications and location systems are based on acoustic technology. The technology provides excellent medium range communications. Compact sonar systems provide effective location ...
  2. It is often said, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. Combat divers have always relied on the basic navigation principles of using a compass, depth gauge and watch on mechanical Tac boards for navigat ...
  3. Mine Warfare is constantly evolving due to the needs of navies and armies in having tools enabling them to counter efficiently threat whatever their nature. In this context RTsys developed the SONADIV ...
  4. The state of the art in diving by human or robot is rapidly advancing, with civilian users in universities, research institutes and industry quickly adopting marine autonomous systems, hybrid AUV/ROV ...

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UDT 2019 date & time:

Mon 13th May - 09:00 - 17:30
Tues 14th May - 09:00 - 19:30
Weds 15th May - 09:00 - 15:30

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1 125 30 Älvsjö

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