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Call for Papers

MDC LogoIn its 31st year, UDT is launching the Military Diver Capabilities conference as a platform for discussion to those engaged in diving operations, training, equipment development and research in this most challenging aspect of undersea operations.  

Technology is a focus for this conference and we will be welcoming papers from those engaged in research and development of products and systems aimed at improving the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of military divers across the spectrum of dive operations.

The conference will also provide a platform for inter-service and international diver elements to meet and discuss capabilities and requirements in the pursuit of greater cooperation and interoperability. Industry will be on hand to demonstrate how their new solutions can solve these requirements, and share how others are solving common problems faced by those working undersea. Papers will also be welcomed from military personnel for operational updates and perspectives on the current and future role of military divers and their equipment.

The conference theme is

‘Shining a Light on the Depths: Exploring the Evolving Role and Equipment of Military Diver Elements’

and will explore 3 primary domains:

  1. Special Forces & Combat Divers 

    • Cutting Edge Diver Clothing’s Role in Reducing Diver Signatures & Improving Endurance
    • The Wearable Tech Revolution
    • Diver Insertion and Extraction Vehicles for the 21st Century
  2.     Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Clearance Divers

    • EOD Low Signature Diver Equipment and Tactics
    • ROV’s Role in Assisting EOD Dive Operations + Reducing Risk
    • Current and Future Trends in Undersea EOD Specialist Training & Operations
  3. Undersea Engineering

    • To the Depths – Deep-Sea Diver Survivability
    • ROV Applications for Sub-Sea Engineering and Diver Assistance & Alleviation
    • Considerations for a Military Deep-Sea Diver


Abstract Submission Process

When submitting their abstract, authors will be required to:

  • Provide a 150 word overview that describes how their contribution fits the overall conference theme.
  • Identify which domain their abstract falls under.
  • Submit an abstract that summarises the key elements of their paper.



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