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Matthew Gleed, Consultant Technologist, BAE Systems Submarines

MatthewYou will be speaking at UDT 2017 on the topic of  Underwater Warfare in the Information Age: A C4I Technology Perspective.  Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?
In my paper I will be talking about the challenges of operating submarines and other assets in the future underwater battlespace. In an age where information and cyber warfare is increasing meaning the tempo and range of operations for ASW and ISR is becoming more challenging, there is a need to investigate the benefits of a ubiquitous and heterogeneous communications architecture. This paper will discuss some of the associated challenges, threats and technology trends specifically in the C4I area that could enable future underwater warfare to be conducted safely and successfully.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session? 
This paper is part of the session covering Situational Awareness and Anti-Submarine Warfare. The key takeaway for delegates will be a mutual understanding of a common problem shared by different navies operating submarines and underwater assets where there is a need to communicate through water and from underwater. This paper is relevant to delegates interested in future warfare but also maritime communications, delegates may also wish to look at the other Communications sessions to provide a broader or more deeper insight into this subject matter. 


Day 1: 30-May-2017 - Time: 14:00 -14:20

Underwater Warfare in the Information Age: A C4I Technology Perspective

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