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 Erdem Akgün, Senior Systems Engineer, ASELSAN

AselsanYou will be speaking at UDT 2017 on the topic of  "Measuring DF characteristics of an ESM system for different variables by applying special test scenerios with lesser test durations"  with lesser test durations”.   Can you give us a brief insight into the areas you will be covering?

In my speech, I am going to present the properties of ASELSAN Mobile Test Vehicle used for testing ESM System of a submarine in the field. ASELSAN Mobile Test Vehicle is used to apply RF test signals to ESM Antenna with high direction precision while the submarine is submerged and the ESM Antenna is hoisted over the sea surface. Equipment of the Test Vehicle, the methods for alignment of antenna and camera equipment will also be presented.

Direction Finding (DF) accuracy is one of the most important parameters is measured for a submarine ESM System. Therefore, I am planning to cover special test scenerios and analysis methods developed by ASELSAN for DF measurements. ASELSAN Submarine ESM Systems (ARES-2SC and ARES 2NS) will also be presented briefly.

DF measurement test scenarios are developed to obtain fewer test durations, since time schedules are limited most of the time and sea traffic could be a problem for the submarine to execute scenario movements in submerged position. It is important to be able to track ESM antenna that are difficult to visualise from far away distances.  In a restricted time schedule, it is also crucial to measure DF performance for all variable changes that could have an effect on total DF accuracy value.

Finally, special analysis tools will be used for monitoring and reporting DF accuracy values to system users. Test reports include the effects of test variables on DF performance such as the locations of other hoisted masts, signal frequencies and polarizations.

What can delegates expect to take away from your session? 

Properties of ASELSAN Mobile Test Vehicle

The methods used for tracking ESM Antenna with ASELSAN Mobile Test Vehicle while submarine is submerged

Special test scenarios developed by ASELSAN used for Direction Finding accuracy measurements

Analysis methods for Direction Finding measurements and reporting the effects of test variables  


Day 3: 01-Jun-2017 - Time: 14:20 - 14:40

Measuring DF characteristics of an ESM system for different variables by applying special test scenerios with lesser test durations

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