ITEC 2019

Speaker Interview with Thierry Oblin

Over the next 10 years what will be the most significant areas for development in military and civil technology?

I think that in the next 10 years we are going to see a development of several different types of unmanned vehicles. These unmanned vehicles will be used in the military domain as well as the civil domain to save time and life. Another significant area will be the cyber security of the military and civil domains. We are using more and more digital data everyday, therefore their protection is becoming a priority 1 for every company/governmental agencies.

With the rapid introduction of new technologies in mass consumer markets there are challenges not only old technology but old ideas; there are open questions - how are these technological developments impacting on defence and security capabilities?

Defence will need to keep aligned with the new commercial technologies always respecting the sovereign security. The commercial technology is not necessarily as secured as to what the defence market requirements are therefore some efforts will need to be made to make them secure to be used in a defence market.

There is a focus on achieving advances in miniaturisation, robotics and AI and the exploitation of big data which have the potential to generate revolutionary change - do you think this focus is correct and where do you think we can expect to see the most rapid developments?

It has always been a focus in these areas but most importantly now as data volume and processing is less of a problem than a few years ago. I think it is going to continue but it needs to be managed and controlled very carefully in the defence market. Artificial intelligence is a domain which is going to grow to assist the operators/ human being in the loop to focus on their task despite the amount of data being processed in the background.

There is a growing demand from the user community for practical and pragmatic change, based on rapid development and experimentation from industry - do you think this demand is fair and what can we expect to see as a result?

Because the world is changing rapidly - the implementation of these changes needs to happen in the defence market quicker than before. That is why rapid development and experimentation from industry is going to develop at a very fast rate. All these changes need to be controlled carefully and managed the Design Authority of the platform quite carefully, These prototypes don't have to jeopardise the safety of the platforms.

Can you give us a brief insight into the areas your session will be covering?

My session will be covering the ANZAC Combat System Simulator and how its architecture can be used in many areas of Combat Systems: from integration activities to the Command Team Training. It will show as well that this Combat System Simulator can either be used for Surface ship and Submarine Combat System activities. It will also include the fact that the architecture is going to be installed on board for conducting Command Team Training. 

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