ITEC 2019

Speaker Interview with Megumi Hirota

Can you give us a brief insight into the areas your session will be covering?

There are many systems designed since decades ago and are still in operation. These designs sometimes require human intervention to operate because of the old technology at the time of design - most of ongoing magnetic treatment systems of these kind. Because of the decrease of magnetic field from the source electric current in space, the cable is wrapped directly on a ships hull, and this needs laborious work, especially for large ships.

Recently developed solenoid type coil which has hollow space - however, this may ristrict the ship size to treat and has lower benefits in efficiency. In combination with recent advancements of superconducting materials and accumulation methods of superconducting tape elements into cable, we designed a system for the magnetic treatment which is easily expandable to large size ship. Our design of ship vertical magnetic treatment with superconducting coil set flat on seabed can be effective to all ship sizes with easy ship operation.

This new system is more beneficial for large size ships because of removing large manual work required in conventional systems.However, for the development of this new system, there are only limited amount of data of ship signatures under the vertical magnetic field treatment by seabed coil.

What can delegates expects to take away from your session?

We will present calculation results step by step to realize our idea of ship deperming system design using High Temperature Superconducting cables.

At UDT 2017, we presented a calculation of expected magnetic fields and coil design to fulfil the requirements. 

This time, in 2018, we will present refrigeration design to cool HTS conductor of the cable which is one of the major concern of this system. 

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