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DisTec 2022

UDT 2024


Hello Future - NextGen Forum Discussion

09 Jun 2022

This year, we are delighted to host a Next Generation (NextGen) Programme, which will allow free access to the brightest minds among the undersea defence enthusiasts who have a keen interest in exploring the latest advancements within the industry.  It will provide the opportunity to host an open communication between academia, military and industry with special focus on the undersea climate security nexus: The relation between undersea defense technologies and climate change challenges. There are various next-generation challenges for armed forces, industrial actors and research institutes in the undersea climate security nexus.

Climate change is a driver of insecurity and instability around the globe. With every decimal rise in global temperature, climate impacts will become more extreme. Future leaders are burdened with the most extreme and diverse climate impacts on global security. Therefore, there is an urgency for current security leaders and experts to engage with the youth on climate change. Together we have to investigate how we can minimize GHG emissions, adapt to more extreme climate events, and how to aid vulnerable areas to become climate resilient. The Youth Climate Security Talks seeks to spark this discussion, and the UDT NextGen event is an excellent example how to do this.