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DisTec 2023

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3D forward looking sonar for Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) with machine interface and a GUI for human in-the-loop view

09 May 2023
DisTec Theatre

The demand for 3D forward-looking sonars has surged in recent years across various industries, in the interest of safeguarding CNI and enhancing naval capabilities. FarSounder's breakthrough Argos sonar enables integration with machine interfaces to increase situational awareness. Argos detects in-water obstacles and processes a 3D bathymetric view, with a machine interface and a GUI for human in-the-loop view, assisting vessels navigate challenging waters from polar environments to shallow littorals. By helping vessels navigate more effectively, the Argos sonar is playing a vital role in defending our national interests and promoting safer marine environments.

Matthew Zimmerman, CEO - FarSounder