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Persistent autonomous C3 sensor nodes for seabed warfare: how to process and gather data across large subsea spaces

10 May 2023
DisTec Theatre
To effectively monitor large areas of real estate, traditional naval platforms require off-board autonomous systems to extend their capability. For over 20 years, Sonardyne has been developing a range of self-contained seabed sensor logging nodes with integrated acoustic communications and edge processing. This commercial-off-the-shelf technology has been widely used in Ocean Science and Offshore Energy markets, providing autonomous data gathering, processing, and real-time alerting for up to 12 years per deployment. These nodes can be deployed individually or networked over a wide area, and they are easily recovered, refurbished, and redeployed. The technology's potential for a wide range of operational seabed warfare scenarios can assist in naval defence and contribute to the protection of our critical national infrastructure.