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DisTec 2023

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A career in the Naval Command with Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke

11 May 2023
DisTec Theatre

After joining the German Navy in 1984, Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke pursued Aerospace Engineering at the Bundeswehr University in Munich from 1985 to 1988, receiving a M.Sc (Dipl. Ing.). Ulrich held various positions in the Navy, including Gunnery Officer, Navigation Officer, Operations Officer, and Commanding Officer of different naval ships and sections from 1990 to 2016. Additionally, Ulrich completed several military training courses, including the French General Staff Officer Course in Paris. Ulrich became the Director of Plans and Policy at the German Navy Headquarters in Rostock from November 2016.

This session will look into Rear Admiral Ulrich Reineke's extensive career and give you the chance to explore the different routes of the industry, ask relevant questions and consider your future options.