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DisTec 2023

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CAPIAS: a M&S based Solution for addressing Strategic Off-Shore & UW Assets

09 May 2023
DisTec Theatre
Protection of Strategic Underwater and Off-Shore Asses is a major issue and a very challenging problem respect potential Threats; the related multidomain scenario moves from Sea Bed to Satellites without forgetting Cyberspace, Surface, Air and Coastal Interconnections with extensive interaction among autonomous systems and conventional ones; Prof. Agostino Bruzzone proposes during this session an innovative comprehensive Solution that uses Modeling & Simulation and AI to support Decision Makers in relation to developing the resilience of Underwater Cables, Pipelines, Seabed Infrastructures for Oil&Gas as well as Wind Farms and Off-Shore Platforms, etc.
Agostino Bruzzone, President of Simulation Team, Full Professor Genoa University, President of MIPET