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DisTec 2023

UDT 2024


A CAPIAS case study: developing resilient seabed infrastructures through strategic offshore and underwater asset protection in order to assist decision-making

09 May 2023
DisTec Theatre

Protecting strategic underwater and offshore assets is an increasingly complex challenge that requires consideration of potential threats across multiple domains, from the sea bed to satellites, with interconnections between autonomous and conventional systems. This challenge affects a variety of industries, including oil and gas, wind farms, and defence. Developing resilience for underwater cables, pipelines, and seabed infrastructure is essential, and it can be made easier with the aid of artificial intelligence and modeling and simulation tools. In this session, Prof. Agostino Bruzzone analyses the technologies that can assist decision-makers in developing comprehensive solutions that address the various interrelated challenges posed by this multidomain scenario.

Agostino Bruzzone, President of Simulation Team, Full Professor Genoa University, President of MIPET