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DisTec 2024

UDT 2024


Enabling high-bandwidth, high-reliability SatCom connectivity for submarines and USVs

09 Apr 2024
DisTec Theatre

In the rapidly evolving field of satellite communications, Orbit Communication Systems has established itself as a leader in providing advanced SatCom solutions for mobile platforms, specifically in the fields of maritime and airborne platforms, over the last three decades.

With a strong legacy in delivering high-performance Maritime SatCom terminals tailored to different size of ships, Orbit CS has continuously innovated to meet the dynamic demands of the maritime industry. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by smaller patrol ships, unmanned surface vessels (USVs), and submarines, we have identified an opportunity to extend our technological prowess into these critical segments.

Our presentation will introduce our groundbreaking initiative to adapt our high-efficiency, compact, low noise and low power airborne Satcom systems for use in these smaller maritime platforms.

Our airborne systems, known for their best-in-class performance-to-weight ratio, offer an unparalleled solution that addresses the specific constraints of size, weight, and power (SWaP) considerations inherent to smaller vessels and submarines.

We will discuss the technical adaptations necessary for maritime deployment of an airborne product.

Furthermore, we will explore the operational benefits of providing robust, reliable communication capabilities to these platforms, enhancing their operational effectiveness and situational awareness.

Join us as we chart a new course in maritime communications, leveraging our expertise to empower smaller vessels with the connectivity they need to excel in their missions.

Itamar Grinberg, Precision Tracking Department Manager - Orbit Communications