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DisTec 2024

UDT 2024


Subsea data centres: Is this the future of military network architecture?

09 Apr 2024
DisTec Theatre
In an era defined by rapidly evolving technology and escalating cyber threats, the defense sector faces an ever-increasing demand for secure and reliable data storage solutions. This talk delves into the innovative realm of subsea data centers and their pivotal role in bolstering defense sector operations.
Subsea data centers, situated beneath the ocean's surface, offer a unique approach to addressing the pressing needs of modern defense forces. This presentation explores the advantages of subsea data centers, such as their natural cooling capabilities, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced security measures. We will also discuss how these submerged facilities can mitigate data latency issues, enabling real-time decision-making in critical defense scenarios.

The talk will delve into the challenges and considerations associated with deploying and maintaining subsea data centers for defense sector use, including environmental concerns, connectivity, and data sovereignty, as well as the practicalities of integrating subsea data centers into military infrastructure.
Maxie Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer - Subsea Cloud