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DisTec 2024

UDT 2024


Submarine racing series

11 Apr 2024

By encouraging collaborative teams (Industry/academia/community) to design and build small, human powered racing submarines in a challenging time-limited project, the Submarine Racing Series seeks to involve more young people in undersea technologies. In addition to the teams enthusiastically solving the technical and design problems, their pilots need the fitness, energy and dedication to face the challenges of competing in the proving ground of racing in the open ocean.

These are all highly individual ‘prototypes’, crafted by young people with backgrounds in marine science, engineering and technology, eager to gain practical experience alongside their theoretical studies about delivering machines which operate in the sea.

The Submarine Racing Series aims to ’build the connection’, to generate the feeling and emotions of exploring the undersea environment, and to support future scientific research into the oceans.

Matt Silver-Vallance, Co-Founder - Submarine Racing Series