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Conference Theme

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Maintaining operational advantage with increased Maritime domain awareness

Our 2023 edition’s conference explored the above-mentioned key aspect of underwater defence and security that is of crucial importance to the future of the undersea defence community but is rarely discussed.

While addressing the overarching theme, the speakers also shared their research and insights across six conference pillars.

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Please note: More information on the 2024 conference theme will be updated in due course.

What are the six conference pillars?

What are the six conference pillars?

Background overview

Rapid advances in digital and autonomous technology incl. advanced sensing and computing herald a new era in the underwater domain. New levels of Maritime domain awareness are required to ensure a measured, appropriate, and timely response to increasing threats, including from lightweight weapons, un-crewed systems and more advanced surveillance abilities which are causing this domain to change at pace.

The intention of the German-based UDT in 2023 was to explore an aspect of underwater defence and security that is rarely discussed but is of increasing importance in the near future: Maintaining operational advantage with increased Maritime domain awareness.

Given that UDT covers all aspects of Undersea Defence, we seek to lead the scientific and technological debate in this space. This extension covers how broader ISR in the Maritime domain can support underwater operations such as coastal surveillance, space surveillance, shipping and pattern of life monitoring, and how open-source intelligence can be utilised to achieve operational advantage against an adversary in one of the harshest environments.

On this basis, the UDT conference has a key role to play as a platform to facilitate sharing of information and ideas between all parties that work in the development and exploitation of undersea defence technology.

Across the three days, the conference will aim to cover all crucial aspects, key challenges, and the latest developments within the Undersea Defence and Security domain