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Maintaining operational advantage with increased undersea domain awareness

The next edition’s conference will explore an aspect of underwater defence and security that is rarely discussed: Maintaining operational advantage with increased undersea domain awareness.

While addressing the overarching theme, the speakers will also share their research and insights across six conference pillars.

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What are the six conference pillars?

What are the six conference pillars?

Background information

The intention of the German-based UDT in 2021 was to explore an aspect of underwater defence and security that is rarely discussed: team working in the underwater domain.  While the unavoidable postponement of this show from 2020 until 2022 has presented organisational challenges, the operational dynamic remains unaltered.  If anything, the requirement for closer cooperation and team working is even more important.

Cooperation and collaboration, the essence of teamwork, are key to success in underwater warfare at every level from the tactical to the strategic.  In mine warfare and anti-submarine warfare teamwork is vital: teamwork between platforms; between industry, research and operators; and between nations. Added to this is the growing presence of ever more unmanned systems; the development of both the technology and concepts of operations to advance man/machine team working will be key to operational success. 

The unwelcome arrival of war onto the European continent has added a new element to this already difficult operational environment.  Management of the impact of this conflict is placing a massive burden on nations’ finances and the ability to roll out new defence programmes and systems when demand in theatres is constantly changing.

Increased use of non-state actors in grey zone areas, alongside the aspiration of several nations to expand their maritime global presence into areas where, inevitably, the underwater threat will exist, there is a growing imperative to leverage the capabilities of all players in the complex and unrelenting underwater domain.  Team working is well placed to offer a positive return.

On this basis, the UDT conference has a key role to play as a platform to facilitate sharing of information and ideas between all parties that work in the development and exploitation of undersea defence technology.

The three-day conference will aim to cover all aspects of the Undersea Defence and Security domain.


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