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Alastair Cormack

Mr Alastair Cormack

Technical Client Manager, SeeByte

Alastair Cormack has over 25 years of industry experience in the field of software development in both military and offshore sectors and is a specialist in the field of unmanned vessel control and autonomy. He is one of the founding members of SeeByte. Leveraging his academic background in Ring Laser Gyroscopes, AI and 3D image reconstruction; Alastair is the principle architect of the SeeTrack Military technology and he has developed the SeeByte navigation processing system using image databases, multimedia products and unmanned system sensor processing. He is a trained UUV operator and has worked in unmanned applications for over 15 years. Alastair has chaired the NATO Multi Domain Control System Working Group and the NATO Industry Advisory Group SG 202 on multi domain command and control, and in related activities such as STANAG 4586, IST ET-099 and SCI-288. He participates on the SCI & SET Autonomous Sensing Panel.  He currently sits on the steering committee for STANAG 4817 Multi-Domain Command and Control.



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