Anders Järn

Captain Anders Järn

Director Underwater Warfare Department, Defence Materiel Administration, FMV

Captain (N) Anders Järn currently working as Deputy Director Naval Systems Department at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

He graduated from Swedish Naval Academy 1982. He has made a complete career in the Swedish Submarine Service and finalizing the career as CO of HSwM Uppland. Thereafter he worked with acquisition in the Joint HQ, and has been Military Advisor in the Ministry of Defence. As an additional career, he has specialized in submarine rescue and diving and is still an active diver.

After graduating from Naval war College in 2003, Newport USA, he took command of Swedish Submarine Service. Under his command the training of the last Singaporean submarine crew to the Challanger class was completed in 2004. Also the deployment of HSwM Gotland to San Diego and the operations in the Pacific together with US Navy 2005-2007 was conducted under his command.



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