Andreas Gällström

Dr Andreas Gällström

Specialist, Saab Dynamics
Andreas Gällström is 40 years old and has a PhD in semiconductor material physics from Linköping University, with over 30 publications in scientific journals and at scientific conferences. He has a position as specialist within hydro-acoustics signal processing at the Sonar System Design Department at Saab Dynamics. Focus for the Sonar System Design Department at Saab Dynamics involve hydro-acoustics and cover system design, sensor design, hydro-acoustics measurements and hydro-acoustics signatures. Saab Dynamics has a broad portfolio comprising ground combat weapons, missile systems, torpedoes, unmanned underwater vehicles, as well as niche products for the civilian and defense market such as underwater vehicles for the offshore industry. Andreas' main field of interest covers signal processing, algorithms and modelling/simulation in the field of hydro-acoustics.


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