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Axel Deertz

Rear Admiral Axel Deertz

Chief of Staff, German Navy Headquarters
1985 Joined the Navy as officer candidate, Naval Academy, Mürwik (Flensburg) 1985–1986 Officer training, Crew VII / 85
1986–1990 Studies in electrical engineering with a focus on communications engineering, Bundeswehr University, Hamburg, graduate engineer
1990–1993 Officer training courses (A - level); Operations Officer, 2nd Fast Patrol Boat Squadron, Olpenitz
1993–1994 Operations and Training Officer, French Navy training vessel JEANNE D’ARC, Brest, France
1994–1995 Operations Officer, 2nd Fast Patrol Boat Squadron, Warnemünde 1995 Assigned to MCC Naples, NATO Non-Article 5 Operation SHARP GU 1995–1996 Commanding Officer, S 45 LEOPARD, 3rd Fast Patrol Boat Squadron,
1996–1997 Advanced operations officer training course (B - level)
1997–1999 Commanding Officer, S 71 GEPARD, 7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron, Warnemünde
1999–2001 41st Admiral Staff Officer Course, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg
2001–2003 NATO staff officer, Plans & Policy Division, SHAPE / Mons, Belgium 2003–2004 Deputy Squadron Commander / Squadron Operations and Training Officer,
7th Fast Patrol Boat Squadron, Warnemünde
2004 Commander Task Group, Contingent Commander, and German National Commander in Chief, ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR
2004–2006 Personal Staff Officer to the Chief of Staff, Navy, Bonn 2006–2008 Deputy Branch Chief, Federal MoD, Joint Operations Staff,
Mission Planning Section, Bonn
2008–2009 Post-graduate studies, US Naval War College, Newport, R.I., USA 2010–2011 Chief, Operational Headquarters Division, Flotilla 1, Kiel
2012 Training course at the Federal Academy for Security Policy
2013–2014 Branch Chief, Federal MoD, Pol I 4, EU Common Security and Defence Policy
2014–2016 Branch Chief, Federal MoD, Pol I 1 International Security Policy and
Bilateral Relations
2016–2018 Deputy Director Operations, German Navy Headquarters, Rostock 2016–2017 Commander NATO Standing Group 2, Contingent Commander Aegean 2018–2022 Director Military Policy, Federal Ministry of Defense,
Federal Security Council, Federal Chancellery, Berlin seit 03/2022 Chef des Stabes, Marinekommando, Rostock