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Bruce Armstrong

Dr Bruce Armstrong

Founder and CTO, GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.

Bruce has worked in underwater transducer design, acoustics, and system design for over 40 years. He received a B.E. in Engineering Physics from the University of Saskatchewan, and a M.Sc. and PhD. in plasmas physics from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Armstrong worked for the Defence Research Establishment Atlantic from 1978 to 1985. As a member of the Transducer Group, he co-developed the transducer analysis finite element program MAVART, designed sound projectors and hydrophones for other Defence Scientists, and designed systems for ocean trials.

In 1985, Dr. Armstrong began work for what is now Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc., where he developed two generations of directional hydrophones for DIFAR sonobuoys. The second generation is still in production and continues to define the state of the art for low noise and bearing accuracy.

In 1994, Dr. Armstrong founded GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc., where he continues to use his experience to design custom solutions for customers in many countries.