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Çağlar Yazgan Balçik

Çağlar Yazgan Balçik

Acoustic Optics System Chief Engineer, Meteksan Savunma
Çağlar Yazgan Balçık works as a Sonar Systems System Design Engineer in Meteksan Defense Underwater Acoustics Optical Systems Department. Born in Ankara in 1985, he graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University in 2009. He completed his master's degree by conducting a thesis on the subject of "Design Of A Contact Type Acoustic Sensor For The Noninvasive Diagnosis Of Cardiovascular Obstructions" in the same faculty and department. Immediately after, he completed the MBA program in the Department of Business Administration at the Middle East Technical University.
Throughout his speaker career, he has dealt with different fields of acoustics. In the first 5 years of his 15-year career, he worked on noise control of buildings in the white goods sector. In the following 10 years, he worked on the design of the acoustic sensor parts of Sonar Systems. Especially, many studies on acoustic signal-receiving mechanical structures are working on related platforms.