Erland Sangfelt

Dr Erland Sangfelt

Program Manager for Underwater Technology, FOI

Erland Sangfelt, Underwater Research, received a PhD in quantum chemistry 1983 at Uppsala University, Sweden. He was post doctoral research fellow at the Quantum Theory Project, University of Gainesville, Florida 1984-87, lecturer at Uppsala university 1987 after which he joined FOI.

His research interests ranges from theoretical physics to signal processing and digital communications for acoustics in shallow water, and non-acoustic detection and communication. He has served as an underwater acoustic and sonar signal processing expert for the Swedish navy for about 20 years, as well as project manager and head of department at FOI. He was appointed as a research director in underwater acoustics and signal processing 2007.

Presently, Erland Sangfelt serves as the program manager for underwater technology at FOI, entailing formulation of all underwater research projects in collaboration with the Swedish Navy. He is also actively working on initiating international collaborations as well as managing research projects, in particular related to submarine sonar systems and communications.



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