Fernando Cerutti

Rear Admiral Fernando Cerutti

Consultant, Fincantieri
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) specialist on board frigates and destroyers. Operational activities include... - 1986 operations against Libya, - escort operations of merchant shipping in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq conflict, - Operation Desert Storm, including embargo and mine countermeasures operations off Kuwait, - Embargo Operations against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. - Involvement in Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations from Albania. - Participation to Operation Unified Protector against Libya - Training Adviser of the NATO Transition Cell-Iraq, in Baghdad; Served also in the... - USA, as NATO Staff Officer, and as the National Liaison Officer to the US Naval Doctrine Command; - Fleet Staff and General Staff as ASW specialist, coordinator for the definition phase of the FREMM program, and national representative/Scientific Committee at NATO bodies. - SHAPE (Belgium) dealing with planning for Afghanistan and Contingency Plans, - STRIKFORNATO in Naples as Director of Operations. During his career he also: - contributed to the drafting of the publication Multinational Maritime Operations within the US Navy; - drafted several national doctrine publications, including the ASW Concept of Operations; - Experimental Tactics on ASW; He is now an independent consultant at Fincantieri


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