Guy Lanchou

Mr Guy Lanchou

Directeur du Développement, Naval Group

Guy LANCHOU is Development Director of Naval Group for Underwater Weapons. He is in charge of preparing the future of the Business Unit Underwater Weapons for Naval Group St-Tropez by managing R&D activities for  the product lines such as Heavy Weight Torpedoes, Light Weight Torpedoes, Counter-Measures, UUV, ...

Guy Lanchou is Chief Engineer in Electronics and has notably been appointed Weapon System Architect for the Norvegian Fast Patrol Boat Skjold class in 2002. After 5 years as responsible for the heavy weight torpedoes (F17, L5) through life support for the french navy, Guy Lanchou has been appointed Industrial Director of Eurotorp for the light weight torpedo MU90.

In the frame of Eurotorp activities, Guy was in charge of managing the MU90 maintenance workshop, as Industry site Manager, in Australia for the Commonwealth of Australia.



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