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UDT 2024

John McCall

Prof John McCall

Director, National Subsea Centre

John McCall is Director of the National Subsea Centre (NSC) at Robert Gordon University.  He has researched in machine learning, search and optimisation for over 30 years, making novel contributions to a range of nature-inspired optimisation algorithms and predictive machine learning methods, including EDA, PSO, ACO and GA.  He has 170+ peer-reviewed publications in books, international journals and conferences. These have received over 3200 citations with an h-index of 25. 

John specialises in industrially-applied optimization and decision support (Industry 4.0), working with major international companies including BT, BP, EDF, CNOOC and Equinor as well as a diverse range of SMEs. Major application areas for this research are: predictive modelling and maintenance in energy systems; vehicle logistics, fleet planning and transport systems modelling;  and decision support in industrial operations management. John and his team have attracted £Ms in direct industrial funding as well as grants from UK and EU research councils and technology centres. John is a founding director of Celerum, which specialises in freight logistics and of PlanSea Solutions, which focuses on marine logistics planning.