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UDT 2024

Katrina Hosszu

Katrina Hosszu

Applied Organisational Researcher, Future of Work Institute, Curtin University (online)

Katrina Hosszu is an Applied Organisational Research Specialist at Curtin University's Future of Work Institute. With a master’s degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, she specialises in demand-driven research, collaborating with industry and government to improve workplace practices and scientific understanding. Over the past seven years, Katrina and her team have partnered with the Defence Science and Technology Group to optimise submariner endurance for future submarines. She focuses on enhancing human performance and well-being in complex human-machine systems, utilising expertise in job analysis, work design, and Human Systems Integration. With a particular interest in military contexts, Katrina and her team seek to understand the job and work factors that influence employee outcomes such as job performance, motivation, and retention.