Marina Ricci

Lieutenant Commander Marina Ricci

Head of underwater sensors and vehicles section, Italian Naval Armament Directorate
Lt Cdr Marina Ricci is an Italian Navy Officer. She entered the Naval Academy in 2001 and graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at Pisa University in April 2008 (thesis on “Use of a Towed Array for Measurements of Radiated Noise from a Ship”). She is specialized in Mines and Mine Counter Measures (2009 - thesis on “State of the Art in Integration of Magnetic Sensors on Underwater Vehicles”) and Underwater Electroacoustics (2011 - thesis on “Maritime sensor network for the surveillance of maritime traffic”). Lt Cdr Ricci worked at the Mine Counter Measures Command in La Spezia from April 2008 to August 2014 (2 years in Research and Development Office, 3 years in MCM Technical Logistical Office and 1 year as Chief of the Mine Warfare Testing Range - as deployment and activities coordinator of the mine warfare testing range during national and international exercises). Since September 2014 she is working at the Italian Naval Armament Directorate in Rome in the Underwater Systems Division as Chief of the Sensors and Vehicles Section.


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