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Micheal Jacobson CSM

Commodore Micheal Jacobson CSM

Director General Submarines, Royal Australian Navy
Commodore Micheal Jacobson, CSM, joined the Royal Australian Navy  (RAN) in 1995 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in 1997.  He then undertook seaman officer training and served predominantly in Fremantle class patrol boats prior to volunteering for Submarine Service in 1999. 
In 2000, Jacobson qualified as a submariner in HMA Submarine Farncomb before joining the commissioning crew of HMAS Dechaineux as the Electronic Warfare Officer. Following completion of the Submarine Warfare Officers (Department Head) Course in 2002, Jacobson undertook an exchange with the Canadian Navy to serve as the Navigator of HMCS Victoria. During this period, he assisted with the conduct of class trials and change of homeport to Esquimalt. On return to Australia, Jacobson assumed duties as the Operations Officer in both HMAS Dechaineux and HMAS Farncomb.  
Jacobson was selected as an Executive Officer in 2010, serving as such in both HMAS Collins and HMAS Farncomb during which he was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM).  Jacobson successfully completed the Submarine Command Course in the Netherlands (embarked in HNLMS Bruinvis) and the Submarine Command Course in the United States (embarked in USS Seawolf and USS Charlotte) before assuming command of HMAS Waller in 2012.
Following his first command, Jacobson remained in a sea-going position as the Commander of Sea Training – Submarines.  In 2016, he was again appointed to command, this time in HMAS Rankin, until 2018.  Jacobson was selected for a posting to France to support the Attack Class Submarine Program, under which he led the RAN contingent embedded within the Australian delivery agency and worked alongside the submarine designer and the combat system integrator in the dockyard. This posting also provided Jacobson with the opportunity to liaise directly with the Marine Nationale (French Navy). He sailed several times in French submarines, including during underways in FS Perle and FS Amethyste.  
Jacobson returned to Australia in 2020 to a promotion to the rank of Captain and assumed the duties of the Director of Submarine Development.  In 2023 Jacobson changed roles to Director Submarine Policy and Plans prior to promotion to the rank of Commodore and taking up the position of Director General Submarines.
During his career, Jacobson also achieved a Master of Business Administration (Performance Management) from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Arts (Strategy and Management) from the University of New South Wales.