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Piers Wren

Piers Wren

Engineering Manager, Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd
Piers Wren is an Engineering Manager with a passion for sonar systems which has been honed over the past 15+ years spent designing, building and integrating sonars for a variety of Navies. Piers is based in Sydney, Australia and has been employed by Sonartech Atlas for the past 10 years in Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and now Management roles.
Piers takes a lead role in the submarine and autonomous sonar systems that Sonartech develops for the Australian and international naval customers, including Sonartech’s unique intercept ranging sonar product and more recently their low powered autonomous sonar. Between project commitments, Piers can also be found driving R&D activities into exciting spaces including Machine Learning, data processing and large array processing techniques.
Occasionally known simply as “the sonar guy” in meeting rooms filled with non-sonar people, Piers strives to craft words that simplify sonar concepts which non-sonar people rarely encounter.