Ron Larham

Mr Ron Larham

Algorithm Design & Maths Consultant, BAE Systems
United Kingdom
Over a 40-year career Dr Larham has mainly worked in the defence industry for a number of organisations in a variety of capacities, from modelling and performance assessment of radar receivers for anti-ship, anti-radiation and air-to-air missiles to the design of tactical and signal processing algorithms for torpedoes, sea mines and torpedo countermeasures (with a seven year break at the Building Research Establishment working on housing statistics). In 1998 Dr Larham joined the underwater weapons business to conduct research for a midlife upgrade of the Spearfish Torpedo. He was the Design Authority for the receiver signal processing for the homing head on the concept and pre-assessment phase of the mid-life upgrade and lead on advanced algorithm studies for future torpedoes Recently, he has worked on classifier design, counter ATT tactics, torpedo terminal homing manoeuvres for use against surface ships, and other tasks for the Spearfish Upgrade Project, and on studies of super-resolution techniques for the Artisan 3D radar and the design of analysis techniques for acoustic narrow band spectra to extract information on sets of harmonically related lines, and has been involved with the running of Torpedo Engineering training and orientation courses for Spearfish Upgrade Project.


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