Sean Chapman

Mr Sean Chapman

Lead Sonar Architect, Thales UK
Sean is well known among mine hunting sonar experts throughout the world, in particular for Synthetic Aperture Sonar. Sean started his career in UK MOD where he worked on Parametric Sonar, eventually becoming technical lead for the UK MOD Synthetic Aperture Sonar research programme. He joined Ultra Electronics in 2004, where he was technical lead on their SAS, Forward Look Sonar and the Difficult to Detect Maritime Targets programmes, and was promoted to Chief Scientist in 2008. In 2011 he joined a small start-up company where he designed, built and tested Synthetic Aperture Sonar products and a Correlation Velocity Log. The company is growing rapidly based on the initial sonar designs. Since joining Thales in 2016, Sean has been Product Design Authority for the MMCM MOAS, and also part of the Senior Technical Directorate staff within Thales UK.


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