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Tomomi Kageyama

Mr Tomomi Kageyama

Technical Manager, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corp.
Mr. Tomomi Kageyama

Technical Manager, New Generation Rechargeable Battery Systems

Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corp.


Mr. Tomomi KAGEYAMA, Technical Manager, System and Engineering department, Defence & Electronic Systems of Division Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation

Mr. Kageyama was joined Toshiba Corporation in 1989.

His major career includes as a system engineer for defense systems and the Project Manager of ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects for International Airports Modernization Project with various power supply systems.

He holds Professional Engineer License which authorized Japanese Government as Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Aerospace/Aerospace Navigation, Engineering Management, The International Register of Professional Engineers (IntPE (JP), and APEC Engineer (Mechanical Engineering).

In 2010, He assigned as a chief specialist of New Business Promotion Department to promote the SCiB for Defence applications as System Engineering Lead.


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