Vincenzo Pennino

Cdr Vincenzo Pennino

Submarines Support Division - Head of Submarines Propulsion and Power Plants Section, Directorate of Naval Armaments/ITALIAN NAVY

Cdr. Vincenzo PENNINO is an Italian Submariner in service in the Italian Navy since 1992. Previously he has attended the Italian Army School NUNZIATELLA. Currently he works in Italian Directorate for Naval Armaments for the procurement of material and services for the ISS of Italian Subs.

Graduated in Marine Engineer and Naval Architecture at the University of Naples, he soon reached the Italian Navy Submarine Force becoming Chief Engineer of the Sauro Class Submarine ITS GAZZANA. Afterwards Chief Engineer of the LPD ITS SAN GIORGIO. 

He has been in charge for the individual and team training at the Italian Submarine Force Training Centre. He has been Deputy Officer in the Liaison Office in Koblenz (Germany) for the management of the ISS for the joint Italian-German Flotilla of U212A Subs (Chairman of the Joint Logistic Support Working Group).



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