Walter Cappelli

Commander Walter Cappelli

Heavy Weight Torpedoes Section Leader, Italian Navy Armament Directorate

Italian Navy Officer Combat System Engineer Apr.

2004 - Sept. 2007: Weapon Engineer Officer on board IT-Frigate Carabiniere and IT-Destroyer Ardito, contributing to the development of FSAF program, by sea trials and testing of PAAMS e SAAM-IT.

Sept. 2007 - Nov. 2009: Combat and Telecommunication Systems Officer at the Italian Naval Shipyard of La Spezia, handling the annual planning and budget for the maintenance breaks, manging contracts for assistance for Teseo missile, upgrade of hyperbaric chambers, midlife update of on board Combat System.

Nov. 2009 - Feb. 2013: Weapon Engineer Officer on board IT-Frigate Scirocco, taking part to NATO and UE-Eunavfor Operations.

Feb. 2013 - Sept. 2017: Torpedo Section Leader at the Italian Joint Advanced Ammunition Center (CIMA Aulla), managing and coordinating the technical teams for activities on the IT Navy torpedoes, directing MU90 LW torpedoes International Logistic and Configuration Working Groups, managing several programs for torpedoes.

Oct. 2017 - Present: Heavyweight Torpedo Section Leader at the Naval Armament Directorate managing the contracts for the support of HWT A184 and qualification, development and production of Black Shark Advanced, the programs for the National Military Research Plan in underwater technologies (namely WAVE, IUP, SASSO, S3MAG-II, MEDUSA, POWER), and the supply contracts for sonobuoy and smoke-light signals.


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