ITEC 2019

Special Exhibit: Mini-Submarine

UDT was proud to present the 10,000kg Mini-Sub UVS 1300 Malen, a special exhibit brought to the UDT showfloor this year by EmbeddedArt. This impressive, fully-functional vessel is available to hire for training, sea trials and research projects. Click on the buttons below for more information about this exciting addition to UDT 2019.

Background information

Background information

The Mini-Sub UVS 1300 Malen was originally built in 2006 on a Swedish shipyard.

The intention to deliver it to the Swedish Navy as a target vessel was never realised, but UVS Malen has since been used as an event-vessel and for training in sea-trials, inspections and other projects.

In 2018, EmbeddedArt aquired the Mini-Sub and UVS 1300 Malen is now available for companies, government- and other organisations to hire.



UVS 1300 Malen specification information:

Year of manufacture: 2006, Sweden
Weight: 10,000 kg
Length overall: 10m
Width: 1.4m
Design depth: 200m
Operating depth: 60m
Instrumentation: GPS, VHF, AIS, Downvision-sonar, 2 manometers, echo-sounder, water temperature
Passengers: 3
Crew: 1-2
Tanks: 2 Ballast, 2 Trim
Lateral balance control: Keel weight, 1,500 kg
Propulsion: Solé 44 diesel + electric motor
Battery capacity: 1000 Ah
Maneuvering planes: Rudder, 2 hydraulic thrusters, bow 
Navigation: GPS, 3 cameras, forward looking sonar, downvision sonar, fluxgate compass, rate gyro, log, headlights


Application areas

Application areas

The UVS 1300 allows EmbeddedArt to offer opportunities that have not been available for many years.

Being able to practice against a real Mini-Sub adds another dimension to the level of training currently possible today, and raises the level of education of the ship's crews.

Other organisations can also benefit greatly from UVS 1300 Malen, which offers a platform with completely new opportunities for research, sea-trials, testing projects and so on.

Core application areas:

  • ASW training
  • Seabed Mapping
  • Sonar Decoy
  • Target strength measurements
  • Sea Surveillance Systems – testing and training
  • Reference target - signature measurement range
  • Sensor platform for R&D

About EmbeddedArt AB

EmbeddedArtEmbeddedArt is a technology company within the sub-sea area. The organisation has a deep expertise in Hydroacoustics, Commercial diving equipment and development of marine systems including sensor technology, signal conditioning/-processing and GUI/HMI.

Specialist product categories include:

  • Diving
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Sensors
  • Sonar & Systems
  • Sonobuoys

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Event info

Exhibition opening times:

Tue 12 May
Weds 13 May 
Thurs 14 May

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Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

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