Submission Process


UDT is a peer reviewed conference for the international community with shared interest in Undersea Defence and Security.

Technical, policy and concept development papers from across the research and development community are welcomed, along with those from the defence and security military and other user communities. Presentations or papers that are focused solely on the promotion of a product or service are considered inappropriate. Papers that promote the unique technical or conceptual aspects of new products, products in development, or services are considered appropriate.

The paper submission process is intended to assist authors to best match their efforts to the UDT audience and achieve maximum engagement. Papers are provisionally accepted on the basis of a short outline abstract. Acceptance to the conference is conditional on authors providing an extended abstract, paper and advance copies of their presentation slides.

Papers are presented to the conference in 30 minute allocated periods. It is recommended that when using PowerPoint, presenters do not use more than 15 slides for their presentation. Authors may include additional materials should they wish. Please note that accepted authors will be required to provide a statement agreeing to make the presentation slides and papers available on the UDT website or repository for download by conference delegates 

2 December 2019 – Abstracts due and call for papers closed

Authors should submit high-quality abstracts by using the form provided on the UDT website. Providing as much detail as possible and clearly describing the focus of your presentation and benefit to the UDT community will greatly enhance your submission. Note that we require the development of a 2-page extended abstract upon provisional abstract acceptance. An extended abstract is essentially a short paper that contains references, discussion of research, or topic.

When submitting their abstract, authors will be required to:

  • Identify which theme their abstract falls under and the most relevant of the core domains which their submission addresses.
  • Submit an abstract of 250-500 words that summarises the key elements of their paper. 
  • In the abstract authors should include: 
    • Introduction and background
    • Technical Approach and methods
    • Innovations, research findings, etc.
    • Lessons learned
    • Benefits to UDT audience and what they can expect to take-away
    • Conclusions
  • Abstract submissions must include 50-word author biographies 
  • Authors accepted to participate in the conference are notified by email.

17 December 2019 – Notification of provisional acceptance 

If your paper has been selected, you will be contacted by the head of content.

26 February 2020  – Draft extended abstracts due

  • Authors of accepted abstracts are required to provide an extended abstract by 26 February  2020. Extended abstracts should be written in the English language, and approximately 500-1200 words in length, but no more than 1500 words. Authors should use the extended abstract template provided. Authors may choose to send draft presentation slides at this stage.
  • UDT Track and Session Chairs will provide feedback and guide the refinement of the extended abstract, and any presentation slides submitted. All presentation material (slides, videos, extended abstracts) must be reviewed by Track and Session Chairs in advance of the conference.

16 March 2020 – Authors receive committee feedback on extended abstracts

The head of content will contact you with feedback on your extended papers.

15 April 2020 – Final papers and presentation slides to be received by Clarion

Authors of accepted abstracts are required to provide presentation slides and the final version of the paper by 15 April 2020. The paper should be written in the English language, and approximately 2500-3000 words in length, but no more than 4000 words. Authors should use the extended abstract/paper template provided.

All papers and presentations will be made available to attendees post event as part of the UDT programme.



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