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UDT 2024

UDT 2024


Charting the depths together: collaborative development of AUV62-MR SAS for versatile underwater applications

11 Apr 2024
Theatre 2
Sonar & Comms.

Learn lessons from a collaborative success story of the AUV62-MR SAS 

  • Dive into Deeper Insights: Collaborative Development of AUV62-MR SAS
  • Explore the depths with cutting-edge sonar:
  • Joint effort by SAAB & Klein Marine Systems: leverage combined expertise for an innovative SAS solution.
  • Modular design: embrace technology that adapts to AUVs, tow-fish, and ROV systems for versatility.
  • Shallow water focus: optimise performance in critical near-shore environments.
Nick Sheppard, Technical Director - Maritime Mission Systems - Thales UK
Per Abrahamsson, Design Authority - SAAB Dynamics