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UDT 2024

UDT 2024


The maritime challenges: compare, integrate and set-up hybrid laser welding technology for enhanced future performance

10 Apr 2024
Keynote Theatre

Forge the future of maritime construction

  • Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW): Combine laser precision and arc speed for deeper welds and faster production.
  • Overcome limitations of traditional arc welding: Achieve full penetration, reduce distortion, and minimize defects.
  • Faster turnaround: Complete welds up to 3.5 times faster with minimal rework.
  • Reduced heat input: Maintain material integrity and minimise distortion for more accurate assemblies.
Ivan Stace, UDT Committee Chair, Babcock Lead for the In Water Engineering Programme - Babcock International Group
Anthony McAndrew CEng, Senior Strategic Account Manager - Manufacturing Technology Centre
James Parker, Senior Research Engineer – Laser Processing - Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)