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UDT 2024

UDT 2024


Sharing a national objective: how can Defence, Science, and Industry work together in a “whole of nation” endeavour?

11 Apr 2024
Keynote Theatre
International Collaboration

The UK's underwater future hinges on a mutually supporting alliance: Defence, Science, and Industry

  • Master the Underwater Battlespace (UWB): safeguard national interests and economic security.
  • Embrace and expand the AUKUS model: leverage international partnerships to produce cutting-edge technology.
  • Unite Defence, Science, and Industry: foster peerless innovation through collaborative initiatives like DIRDI and the CUAA.
  • Become a Science Superpower: lead the global race in underwater technological advancements.
  • Ensure the UK’s continued position as a maritime leader: guarantee security and prosperity through underwater dominance.
Adrian Pierce, Naval Advisor - Clarion Events
Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter OBE, Chairman - Coltraco Ultrasonics