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UDT 2024

UDT 2024


Striking the right balance: a holistic approach to next-gen submarine design

11 Apr 2024
Keynote Theatre

Ensure peak performance and efficiency for the Royal Navy's future submarine fleet

Trade-offs and collaboration: balance capability, availability, and cost requires careful analysis and teamwork between key stakeholders.

Integrated Product Support (IPS): a collaborative framework for optimising submarine design, maintenance, and sustainment.

"Supportable Design Principles": embedding maintainability and supportability into the DNA of the submarine from the start.

Data and digital opportunities: leverage technology like condition monitoring and 3D printing for improved availability and cost management.

"Best for Enterprise" approach: foster collaboration and shared goals among all parties involved.

Chris Bamforth, Head of Combat Systems Delivery - Submarine Delivery Agency
Gavin Wainwright, Support Manager - Babcock International