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People's Choice Award

The winner has been announced!

The undersea defence community was given the opportunity to vote for their favourite entry. To find out who the recipient of the 'People's Choice Award' was, watch the Grand Final on demand, now available. You can also find out more about our finalists' products and which pitch had the most impact on our DisTec Undersea Challenge judges.


Watch on demand now >> 

Watch on demand now >> 

Please complete the short form below to watch the Grand Final on demand. 

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See the three finalists chosen by the judges

In case you missed it, here are the three finalists whose innovations were selected to proceed and compete at the Grand Final. Find out more about their entries and technological solutions via the link below. 

The three finalists

Browse through the DisTec Undersea Challenge shortlist 

  • Avalon Holographics

    Professional Holographic Display for Underwater Visualization
        Avalon Holographics is leading the next wave of display technology with professional holographic displays that revolutionize the way people produce, view and understand visual content. By replicat ...
  • Institute of Marine Technology

    Low background underwater noise test bed for AUV
        Our facility (is a volcanic fresh water lake) has 24/7/365 a level of background underwater noise -20db below Wenz at sea state zero, mainly in the shipping's frequencies (<1KHz). For dual use AUV ...
  • LinkWin Technology

    Cabric-Wearable Device in Diving Field
          LinkWin Technology Co., Ltd. is made up by a creative team of energetic, goal-oriented, sharing, and effective experts. All devotion to carbon material research and development led to the most a ...
  • Lumiflex

    Ultimate Visibility Cables
          Lumiflex has the patented cablelight technology to illuminate any underwater cable/tether/tube. Being able to (on demand) offer ultimate spatial and situational awareness to a vital tether or do ...
  • M/S NirDhwani Technology Pvt Ltd

    Real-Time Passive Sonar Deployment Tool
        The naval forces have decisively shifted towards submarine deployment and largely these deployments are happening in the tropical littoral waters of the Indo-Pacific strategic space. The effective ...
  • MARCOM Defence

        ShEp-Fish is a low cost ship or helicopter expendable device which simulates the motor run-up and homing sonar of a number of lightweight torpedoes. Its use is intended to provoke a reaction from ...
  •       The C-Master MKII is an affordable solution for military divers requiring accurate underwater positioning. Using advanced dead reckoning, GPS, DVL, or IMU/INS, the C-Master MkII provides operato ...
  • Seacraft

    Electronic Navigation Console 3 Military
          So far, systems able to provide navigational data for submerged divers required either antennas, or sonar systems, making them big, heavy, complex and bulky.  ENC3M- Electronic Navigation Consol ...
  • Subnero

    Subnero Underwater Network (SUN)
           Since its creation in 2012, Subnero has been passionate about wireless underwater communication. Years of development have enabled us to offer technologies to create wireless underwater network ...
  • Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA)

    Multi Environmental Display
          The Multi Environmental Display (MED) is a new concept developed by SEA in partnership with DSTL. It has been developed in response to the need for multiple data sources to be combined into a si ...
About the Challenge

About the Challenge

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Judging Criteria