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Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) is the underwater defence and security community's most relevant exhibition and conference.

UDT is a multi-faceted event that reflects this community's desire for continuous learning in dealing with the world's increasing diversity of threats and challenges.It brings together professionals from the military, industry and academia to focus on the cutting edge technologies and developments within one of the harshest environments known to man.

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Held in Stockholm, the UDT 2019 conference considered key issues faced by countries like Sweden as they address their needs in the global underwater defence and security environment.

Although the issues that the country faces are products of its geography, they are not unique. Many nations, such as other Baltic States and those in South East Asia, tackle a similar mix of challenges in the underwater environment: proximity to a key global trading artery; shallow littoral waters with many islands; critical national and international infrastructure in the maritime environment; complex maritime boundaries and borders; and a need to operate in the global oceanic environment in order to assert national and international interests.

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UDT 2018 attendance

UDT offers the ideal platform to discuss the growing need of cooperation for future subsea developments and cost effective solutions to tackle the growing difficulties of managing defence budgets.

  • Total unique attendees = 1,372
  • Nations represented = 34
  • 78% of visitors who attended in 2018 would recommend UDT to a colleague in the industry.

“Excellent event, well led. Good speakers, inspiring discussions. Excellent networking event for undersea experts”

Jeroen de Jonge, Director Naval Programs, TNO Defence, Safety and Security. 

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Tue 12 May
Weds 13 May 
Thurs 14 May

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Rotterdam Ahoy
Ahoyweg 10
3084 BA Rotterdam

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