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Disruptive Technology

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About DisTec

The Disruptive Technology (DisTec) programme offers an opportunity to explore non-traditional solutions and innovations for various aspects of underwater defence and security that are of increasing importance to Navies worldwide.

DisTec provides an innovative forum at UDT to explore commercial disruptive technology solutions that are re-shaping the future of undersea operations and how the supply chain functions. 

At this show-floor theatre, thought-leaders will be sharing their insights, whilst pioneering exhibitors will present their newest research and technological advancements.



Seabed systems and operations: exploiting commercial technology to protect our CNI

This year, the DisTec agenda is looking at commercial technologies that can be used at seabed level for surveillance and command and control to protect our national interests. Topics that will be unpacked are pipelines, cables, windfarms, data processing, real-time monitoring and many more.