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Disruptive Technology

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Theme: Enhancing resilient subsea systems through non-traditional innovation

The DisTec (Disruptive Technology) Theatre provides an exciting showcase of solutions and innovations from outside the traditional defence industry, and is free to attend for all exhibition visitors.

DisTec will explore how non-traditional technologies can help aid navies and seamlessly integrate into the defence industry to protect our critical national infrastructure whilst enhancing established subsea systems. It will consider other markets such as communications and oil and gas, looking into developments such as subsea cabling, CNI security and cyber security and discuss their potential applications for undersea defence.

The collaboration between defence and commercial industries is crucial to ensure the continual advancement of undersea defence capabilities. The DisTec Theatre provides valuable insights into dual-use technologies, interoperable solutions, and enhanced subsea operations 


Daily focus areas:

Day 1: Navigating subsea networks: Harnessing innovation from communications and cybersecurity industries

This day aims to explore and address the dynamics of subsea communications and data protection, offering insights into cutting-edge technologies and solutions

Day 2: The AI shipping forecast: preventing threats and failures via advanced computing and detection systems

DisTec's second day will center on AI and advanced systems, drawing insights from industries like oil and gas and renewables to proactively detect and rectify faults in subsea Critical National Infrastructure, aiming for optimal operational efficiency

A stepping stone for small businesses:

As an increasing number of game-changing solutions come from start-up companies and cross-sector technology transfer, they provide fresh competition to well-established companies in undersea technologies.

With a limited budget to showcase their solutions, DisTec helps to pave the way for new market entrants who can extensively benefit from using our platform to share their knowledge with the wider community.

Join us as a DisTec Speaker

For the DisTec Theatre at UDT, we want you to have your say on non-traditional solutions for the various aspects of underwater defence and security. Have an innovative technology that will disrupt the undersea defence sector?

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DisTec 2024

Companies who participated in 2023:

  • iBULe Photonics Co. LTD
  • ELAC Sonar GmbH
  • FarSounder Inc.
  • Stein Sohn Gmbh
  • Sonardyne
  • The European Defence Fund
  • CRP Subsea
  • Framework Robotics
  • Insyte SA
  • The Society for Underwater Technology
  • WSense

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