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Distec Sponsorship

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With remarkable leaps in technological innovation every year, this dynamic stage has become the ultimate platform to unveil and exhibit your revolutionary and disruptive technologies.

With previous presentations from iBULe Photonics Co. LTDELAC Sonar GmbHCRP Subsea and countless other trailblazers bringing groundbreaking technologies to UDT, now is the perfect time to distinguish yourself from the crowd and become a DisTec Sponsor today.

Below, explore our range of sponsorship packages which can be tailored to suit your needs to maximise your DisTec experience. 

UDT 2024 - DisTec

Sponsorship Packages - New for 2024

Tier 4 - £10000

Distec Main Sponsor:

Speaking Opportunity (30 minutes)

Marketing Demo Package 4

Tier 3 - £7500

Innovation Package:

Moderator (3 x 30 minute sessions)

Marketing Demo Package 3

Tier 2 - £5000

Speaking Opportunity (30 minutes)

Marketing Demo Package 2

Tier 1 - £2500

Short Production Demonstration (15 minutes)

Marketing Demo Package 1

For full details on all sponsorship options please contact the Sales Team.