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We caught up with members of our steering committee to find out what they were looking for in this years call for papers. Here's what a few of them said ...

Mr Nigel Whybrow
Future Submarines & Technology Director
Babcock International Group

Having attended and presented at UDT for many years it is a privilege on joining the Committee to offer suggestions on content to UDT’s impressive pool of contributors.

I have a background in underwater vehicles and always enjoy inventive platform architectures and functionalities; thoughtful introduction of alternative design styles such as bio-mimetics is overdue especially as technology and doctrine are easing the way towards new roles executed through autonomous and ancillary craft.

Payload integration remains an area of growing relevance and new solutions would be most welcome especially where the balance between payload and carrying platform is contemplated.

Every UDT has included developments in uncrewed, remotely piloted and autonomous systems, it would be good to see discussion of how their growing potential could be exploited in realistic and ideally new applications.  

I will be interested in exploration of the link between operational effectiveness and the integrity and health of the operating navy and (inter)national supply base, particularly with reference to other high integrity and specialist sectors.  This could consider aspects including requirements, supportability, design & technology management/incentivisation, safety and affordability.

Conference themes

Conference themes

Captain Ivan Stace,
Submarine Capability – SSN Pillar Lead Ministry of Defence,
Royal Navy Defence Nuclear Organisation

I very much enjoyed my first year on the UDT Committee representing the UK Ministry of Defence in Stockholm and found the opportunity to help, support and interact with the Conference presenters professionally rewarding and stimulating.

Looking ahead to our next Conference in Rotterdam and given where the UK is in its development of its next generation of submarines, I would be very keen to see papers across key pillars as follows:

  • Platform Design.  Improvements in habitability and the examination of watchkeeping regimes.  How safety can be effectively managed in the design in order to avoid driving in system complexity and cost.  The application of alternative materials to reduce inspection regimes.  How best to balance the level of automation verses operator interaction.
  • Sensors & Processing.  New and novel developments in target motion analysis.     
  • Weapon & Payload Systems.  Ideas and proposals on practical launch and recovery methodologies and systems in order to support the use of autonomous systems.
  • Uncrewed, Remotely Piloted & Autonomous Systems.  Proposals for addressing the key challenges of autonomous systems including endurance, communications and payload size.


Mr Tim Vickery
Principal Advisor, Platform Systems Division
Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL)

Last year in Stockholm I was pleased to see a wide variety of papers from industry, Governments and academia.  What am I hoping to see this year?  In addition to the well-informed and considered contributions from my generation I want to see the up-coming next-generation challenge our community, provoke discussion and tell us what they are working on whilst themselves benefitting from experiencing the UDT environment.  I also hope to see all aspects of the Undersea Defence given equal measure.  Submarines are a key element but we must also fully recognise Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Warfare and Diving, along with the vital Environmental Data Gathering and Analysis that underpins everything we do.  Anything else?  Yes.  Lots of papers please, so that we can pick the best and keep up the high quality that everyone expects of UDT.


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